Metal Detecting Checklist

A list of things to consider before heading out for a hunt.

1.Metal DetectorYGood luck if you forget your detector
2.HeadphonesYClub requirement. Who would want everyone staring at you? (beep, beep, beep).
3.Proper Digging ToolYClub requirement. No backhoes : ) Lesche diggers or similar are ideal.
4.Finds PouchYWhere are you going to put them? Would be a shame to lose or scratch valuable find.
5.Garbage PouchYClub requirement. No leaving trash in hole. Take it out of the ground. Dispose properly.
6.DropClothYClub requirement for nicer landscapes.
7.Fill HolesYClub requirement. This is the most important.
8.Landowner PermissionYClub requirement. GSTHC always secures permission. Do the same on your own.
9.Hunting PermitsYMany cities require, such as Nashua.
10.WaterYStay hydrated! Bring water into the field and leave some in your car.
11.PinpointerYOnce you use one, you'll never go back.
12.GlovesYUse your hands to scoop out dirt. Saves your hands from cuts - glass, needles, etc.
13.SunscreenYApply 30 minutes before hunting, if you don't like skin cancer.
14.Brimmed HatYSaves a nasty sunburn on face and neck as well as cancer prevention.
15.Proper ClothingYDress appropriately for weather conditions, Raincoat, hat, waders, boots, etc.
16.KneepadsYHelps many of us with bad knees.
17.SunglassesYpersonal preference
18.CellphoneYFully charge before hunting. Ideal for emergencies and taking pictures of finds
19.FlashlightYIn case dark comes
20.Extra BatteriesYfor Detector, Pinpointer.
21.Bug SprayYMosquitos and Ticks
22.BandaidsYTake a few into the field, just in case
23.1st Aid KitYKeep one in your car in case of injury/sickness
24.LocationYLet someone know where you are going! So they know where to find you, just in case.